Harp In Pocket

from by WHOA!TIGER




Well it's a snap shot, a perfect picture
Of this red hot lovin' we share
Until you sling shot right back to your other man
Sweet-talking me like you care

You try to tell me that it's all part of livin' free
That don't seem fair to me, I just can't let that be
You've got to tell me that it's one way or the other

But that don't sit with what you want from me
Well I ain't no in between, just like a movie scene
You leave me standing on the corner in the rain

You never know when good love will leave you broken

That's why you always remember
The one you always regret
That's why you always got a song that makes it better
You never know, that's why you always got a blues harp in your pocket

[ check this out ]

Just like a dog's tail, which end’s wagging which
You've got your big-selling list of demands
When you know damn well that there's at least two sides to everything
And pushing me don't change where I stand

I sit and hear the conversation from a distance,
"You gotta think like this, don't listen to that,
It's just a big lie, listen to the facts, man.
I know it's true 'cause it was on my TV screen."

That kind of talk, it makes you sound a little crazy
My mind don't wrap that way, I just can't live each day
Believing life is part of some big dream

You never know when bad blood will leave you stranded

That's why you're always reliving
The words you never forget
That's why you always tell it louder to the next guy
You never know, that's why you always got a blues harp in your pocket

That's why you're always forgiving
That's why the chords always change
That's why the stage is for the one who's gonna sing it right
That's why you never hesitate to rearrange

That's why it always reminds you
That it's the best that you get
That's why it always seems so little when it happens
You never know, that's why you always got a blues harp in your pocket


from No Asterisks, track released October 3, 2015



all rights reserved


WHOA!TIGER Indianapolis, Indiana

We're WHOA!TIGER, and we've been busy in the central Indiana original music scene since 2008.

Any fan of gutsy rock-n-roll and storytelling lyrics should find plenty to like in WHOA!TIGER. Inspired by the classic album-oriented bands of the 70's, we write contemporary original rock music, with a decidedly old soul.

All our recordings are here, so listen and enjoy! We appreciate your support!
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