None More Black

from by WHOA!TIGER




That feeling you get just before it begins
The season of intensity where nobody wins

Same old message from a different face this time
But our eyes stay fixed upon the show
Try to wade through this sea of information
Avoid manipulation, make it something I should know

Concieved from a dream you think I should fight for
But I believe that the prophecy you offer me
Fails to address why this mess was here to begin with

It’s just your version of some push-and-pull romance
You kiss me as you tighten up your grip around my throat
Make me feel like it’s all for my protection
And then laugh at my objection to the history we wrote

And then it all fell out from the bottom
Man, those guys forgot everything we taught ‘em
All that time we spent when we fought ‘em
Ends up it was their own people that caught ‘em from the inside
Yeah, hit ‘em with a blind side
Makes you choose a real side when they take away your fine ride
There ain’t none more black than a promise taken back
That never had a real chance anyway, that’s just the game that we play

Revealing a dream that’s replayed in my head
But the final scene, it never seems to give me
Any answers I need, it all seems to bleed me

But I can see the colors, and I know I see the light
All the rest is what we need to get us through
Getting used to being thoroughly confused
Our emotions being used to ignite another fuse

And then it came down to what really mattered
Took us past all that silly chitter-chatter
Look around, fat cats getting fatter
Seems high time we took matters in our own hands
Not merely stage hands
Don’t need to be no grand stand to help us know just what we got planned
Cause there ain’t none more black than losing from a kick-back
Gonna try for another day, that’s just the game we play

Well I don’t care what you’re thinking that’ll make it all go away
I don’t seem to find no peace of mind from the pieces I hear each day
One thing I know is you don’t let go of the way you know it’s gotta be
There ain’t none more black than turning your back on me
There ain’t none more black than turning your back on anyone you see
There ain’t none more black, now don’t you turn your back on me


from No Asterisks, track released December 11, 2015



all rights reserved


WHOA!TIGER Indianapolis, Indiana

We're WHOA!TIGER, and we've been busy in the central Indiana original music scene since 2008.

Any fan of gutsy rock-n-roll and storytelling lyrics should find plenty to like in WHOA!TIGER. Inspired by the classic album-oriented bands of the 70's, we write contemporary original rock music, with a decidedly old soul.

All our recordings are here, so listen and enjoy! We appreciate your support!
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