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Look up, it’s different once you’ve been there
It’s not what you thought you’d find
Time’s up, and I’ve got no resolution
I’m not looking at the steps I leave behind

I’ve seen many mornings be gone before they’re due
When the night falls, I’m left with nothing new

So I’m told, it’s seldom worth the effort
I’m not sold on such a visionary line
I walk away from what appears to be a shadow behind me
I know it’s there from a light that I can’t see

I move in deliberate motion, and I’ve been on uneven ground
You’ve held my hand with this notion that I’d come around
We never thought to question what made us turn and hide
Another shadow coming from another side

It keeps my interest while it seems to keep me a little high
I don’t seek answers, I’m not asking why

I cry when the spirit moves me,
And I laugh when it goes my way
I scream like a child when I get excited
I’ll share when I’m having a good run
And I’ll steal when the game ain’t fair
I’ll take on the dark that comes with the night
My shadow’s still there.

It won’t mean a thing in the morning
It won’t make for hallowed ground
We’re just lucky we still get invited
Don’t even try to remember
What it was that tripped you before
Just to take on a different light
My shadow keeps moving

So look up, now that you’re quite familiar
It seems to be an extraordinary time
Don’t walk away from shadows, don’t let them track you down
They don’t mean a thing when you’re not around


from No Asterisks, track released December 25, 2016



all rights reserved


WHOA!TIGER Indianapolis, Indiana

We're WHOA!TIGER, and we've been busy in the central Indiana original music scene since 2008.

Any fan of gutsy rock-n-roll and storytelling lyrics should find plenty to like in WHOA!TIGER. Inspired by the classic album-oriented bands of the 70's, we write contemporary original rock music, with a decidedly old soul.

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